Boiler, Furnace, and Water Heater Maintenance in the Greater Monson Area

Scheduling your heating system tune-up and safety check each year with Squier & Company can help you save up to 10% on fuel costs. We’re proud to service, repair, and maintain oil boilers, furnaces, and water heating systems of all types. By ensuring your equipment is operating properly, you can also reduce the risk of breakdowns and maximize your fuel efficiency. This not only brings you and your family peace of mind; it may help you save on your heating bills in the long term.


Squier box truck

Why Schedule a Tune-Up?

Think about it this way: much like your car, a furnace, boiler, or water heater has a lot of parts that can wear out over time. By fixing any issues in fall or early winter before the bulk of the heating season, you’re less likely to have a breakdown when it’s freezing outside and when our technicians are at their busiest. Some benefits of preventative maintenance for your oil-fired heating system include:

  • Keeps your system running cleanly, reducing the risk of unexpected system malfunctions
  • Increases efficiency of your heating system, which saves you money on your heating bills
  • Prolongs the life of your heating equipment
  • Promotes better indoor air quality by reducing dust and particle buildup in filters and ducts

Additionally, we’re pleased to offer combustion tests for your heating system, which analyzes exhaust flue gas for smoke, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and overall efficiency. If you require a tune-up or repairs throughout the year, our experienced service technicians are ready to service any type of oil heating system in Western Massachusetts. Visit the button below, or call us if you’re ready to book an appointment with our expert heating technicians here at Squier & Company. No matter your needs, our team is highly qualified and ready to meet or exceed your expectations.