Automatic Oil Delivery

When you enroll in our reliable automatic delivery program, you can forget the hassle of watching your oil tank’s fuel gauge and remembering to schedule your next oil delivery. By enrolling today, you can help your home and family avoid oil runouts and close calls! Our state-of-the-art computer software—combined with our personal touch of knowing most of our customers, their heating systems, and usage history—will help ensure that your tank stays full and your home stays warm all winter long.


Automatic Delivery Service Benefits:

  • Deliveries are automatically scheduled based on degree days (temperature) and usage history
  • No need to constantly monitor your oil tank and place will-call orders
  • Take something off your winter to-do list by leaving your fuel delivery to the experts
  • Forgo delivery service charges*
  • Enjoy immediate delivery and restart in the event you run out of oil*

*Applies only to accounts that are current

How Do I Get Started?

Squier customers enjoy automatic delivery because it helps them streamline their heating oil delivery and ordering schedule. The best part is that there are no added fees—and in fact, you reduce your risk of an empty tank and the prime/start and emergency delivery fees that can incur. Instead, simplify your life and routine with dependable automatic delivery from your local experts at Squier. Ready to enroll in automatic delivery? Become a customer today, or contact us to sign up for auto-delivery!