Home Heating Oil Delivery in Western Massachusetts

Want to place oil orders on an as-needed basis? As a will-call customer, it is your responsibility to monitor your oil tank’s fuel gauge and contact us when your fuel is running low, preferably when your gauge reads 1/4 full. When you’re ready to place an order, get in touch with us using the form linked below, and we’ll be pleased to provide the high-quality fuel you know and love.



Squier & Company Delivery Truck in Monson, MA

Important Must-Knows about Will-Call Delivery

Many customers prefer to manage their own fuel delivery schedule rather than enroll in our automatic delivery program. If you find yourself in this category, please familiarize yourself with the following details:

  • Place a refill request online when your tank is ¼ full
  • Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons
  • Deliveries are made during regular business hours, often within 48 hours of the order
  • Same-day delivery is available for a fee of $50.00
  • An empty tank needing a prime/restart is subject to a $50.00 fee 
  • Emergency oil delivery is available outside of business hours for a $249.00 service charge (includes prime/restart) in addition to the market cost of fuel

Simplify Your Routine with Automatic Delivery

If you would rather enroll in our automatic delivery program and take the hassle out of heating your home, we’re pleased to put you on a no-extra-cost automatic delivery schedule. Find more information by clicking the button below.