Payment Options

At Squier & Company, we’re happy to offer our customers several convenient oil payment options and budget plans to help fit your needs.

Whether you use a budget plan, account credit, or pay your bill upon receipt, you have the opportunity to save. If you pay your bill in full within 10 days of receipt, you’ll get a 15¢ per gallon discount. These amounts can easily be found on the meter ticket. Otherwise, full payment is due within 30 days.

Ways to Pay

Pay Online

Conveniently pay your bill 24/7 with our online payment option. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, cash, personal and bank checks, and money orders. Your payment can be:

  • Mailed to our office
  • Called in by telephone at (413) 267-3184 (for credit card payments)
  • Made in person at our office at the lumber yard—stop in and say hi!

Payment Plans

Budget Plan

If you’re tired of paying high heating bills during the peak winter months, you can make your payments predictable and manageable with our 11-month budget payment plan. This plan spreads the annual cost of heating your home into 11 equal monthly payments from August to June. You will automatically receive the 15¢ per gallon prompt payment discount for every gallon delivered under this plan (account must be current). In addition, we pay you interest every month your account has a credit balance.

At the closeout of the budget plan, you may have any credit balance refunded to you or have it applied to the upcoming season’s plan. Any balances due must be paid prior to starting a new budget plan. Contact us today to sign up for a budget plan!


Today’s Prices

Current Oil Price*

Payment in 10 days price:


Posted price: $3.34/gal

Fuel Discounts

In addition to our already low prices for oil, we offer our customers more discounts. We have a “pay within 10 days” discount and a bulk fuel delivery discount.

Discounts for Large Volume Single Delivery

Quantity of fuel ordered: Discount per gallon:
300-699 gal $.02/gal
700-999 gal $.05/gal
1000-1499 gal $.07/gal
1500-2499 gal $.10/gal
2500+ gal $.12/gal

*Current price as of effective date. Prices are subject to change without notice.